Multimedia: CDs, DVDs, video and the internet.

January, 2009

Most recent project: design a kiosk for the Australian National Maritime Museum.

"We need to do some training. Something that will show all the controls of our Big Green model, and allow people to learn by interacting with the controls on screen, just as if they were using the real thing."
No problem.
"Can we do it on the internet and with a CD?"
"I've got a movie coming out on DVD and I want an interactive companion on it. Something cross platform that will explain the issues behind the subject. OH... and the information changes, so it will have to update itself. Can you do that?"
Sure thing.
"I've got 23 hours of video from our conference last month. I need a DVD of the hightlights. And can it point to our web site?"
"Oh... and I really don't have time to deal with this. Can I just get the stuff to you, and let you handle it?"

In fact, that's the most common request we get: take it off my hands. When McGraw-Hill came calling, they had a textbook that needed a companion CD. It had to be a teaching CD, with lessons, and reports and had to complement the book. They sent the book, and instructions that said "Go to it!"
We did.
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