Marketing with CDs

Here's something you'll be interested in: in a targeted mailing, a promotional CD mailer can have a 7% to 50% reply rate, instead of the typical 1.5% of a paper brochure.

If your product or service is in the several hundred dollar range (or higher) your increased profits from using a CD can be significant:

Mail out 20,000 brochures and close 300 sales; mail out a CD and close 1400 or more. For a $400 product, that's a difference between $120,000 vs $560,000 - an extra $440,000!

You can display your product with video, sound and text. You can provide interactive demos and testimonials, and present your product in its best light, free from distractions. Heck: you can even put your brochure on the CD, if you like.

Recipients appreciate something they can hold in their hands; something they can keep... unlike just another "me too" web site.

Further, a CD works where the internet doesn't, and has no privacy worries.

For a closer look at marketing with CD and the internet, check out our "CD vs the web" page.