What on earth do you do?

We helped pioneer the field of multimedia, writing the first interactive software program that linked together and used text, graphics, movies, animation and sound, in 1989. In the 20 years since then, we've continued providing solutions using interactive multimedia.
Sounds great, eh? But what is it?

Mostly, it's CDs or DVDs that are used in desktop computers, but increasingly it's come to include automatic updates via the internet, and websites and more. It's called "multimedia" because it makes use of various formats for information, such as text and video and music and animation and pictures. And it's called "interactive" because the user interacts with the product, and the CD responds appropriately.

You can see then that it's ideally suited for training and education. But it also adds a whole new dimension to marketing efforts that a brochure cannot touch... and they are surprisingly affordable to make and distribute.

In short, we'll take your requirements and create the CD or DVD for you. If you need a web site to go with it, or internet configuration, we'll do that too. We can work closely with your staff, or take the project off your hands: that's up to you.

We can create the art, or use yours; we can shoot the video, or use yours. We will provide royalty-free music (or use yours.) And we'll make a rock-solid, support-free product that will run on both Macs, and PCs.