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The Monterey DoubleTree Hotel used a multimedia CD to show off not only its rooms, but its other facilities, personnel and services; the convention room and the surrounding area. A fully integrated thrust to attract visitors to the Monterey Peninsula, and provide them with a place to stay at the same time. Recipients of the CD got a taste of Monterey and the DoubleTree that no brochure could even attempt.

Regal Chlorinators needed a CD which not only displayed all their water-chlorination products, but explained their use, and instructed owners on maintenance. Step-by-step video instructions, along with text at each step, achieved this. The internet is seldom available "in the field" where such work needs to be done... but a laptop computer is easily at hand.

On the other hand, Marbett Maps needed both: a CD with a huge database of businesses and advertising, which would work without internet access, but if the internet was available, then would draw current advertising and prices instead. The best of both worlds.

We can even put a cross-platform game or program on the DVD you're creating for your movie.

Speaking of movies, National Geographic needed a number of videos in the "Classroom Exploration of the Oceans" CD we did for them. There, text, video and graphics were all combined to present different aspects of reseach done across the world.

(Incidentally, we did an interactive email web site for PBS, in conjunction with Sea Studios for their "Strange Days on Planet Earth" premier, as well.)

We've sweetened music for Jesse Collin Young; built CDs for McGraw-Hill and Brooks Cole publishing; animated titles for Disney and written retail games for Jasmine.