Cutting video...

It's not rare that we are handed video tape and told to "make something" out of it. Actually, this is the kind of challenge we love, and we've done it for a national political party; training films; a sponsorship solicitations; a historical exposition; a health and fitness, and many more.

We handle the whole process, returning to you a "Golden Master" DVD, ready for duplication. (And, yes, if you like, we can handle that part too: packaging, design and replication.)

A note on why I don't cut for MTV:

As you might guess from our 30 years in the business, I'm an "old-school" cutter (video editor) and like to run our service that way. While we can, and have, cut flashier stacatto-style, our natural bent is toward "invisible" cutting. It could be age, I suppose, but honestly, it's more that I don't think anything is more important than your message, and invisible editing is the way to underline that.

(If you don't know what "invisible editing" is - it's editing transitions together so that they seem natural, and blend into the story-telling, so that the audience is not away of the editing process. Recent editing techniques place emphasis on the editing itself, making it part of the whole video experience. There's a place for that, to be sure... but it's not "every place.")

Here's an example of a modern cut, but using "invisible" editing techniques: