Mom's Mail is a mind-numbingly simple email program... so simple, even your mom (or dad) can use it.

Yeah, you have to set it up for them (after all, we do need the email account information) but once that's done, you can just send her the program, and all she has to do is run it.

There are two windows: get mail and send mail. She can get mail and photos from you, or send them to you.

That's it. No addressing; no BCC; no sorting; no CC; no groups; no mailboxes... no nuttin! In fact, she doesn't even need to know your email address (because you already set it up for her, remember?) Doesn't even need spam filtering because she can only get email from you!

OK: you get it.

This is Mom's Mail
BETA. There are three things being added in the final release: 1) a way to read old email; 2) better photo sending/receiving (it doesn't automatically show photos in folders in the beta) and a "Family List" of people she can get mail from besides just you.

Yes, that means she will have to choose "Billy" or "Suzie" from a list (if she's not sending to you) before pressing the "Send" button, but we don't want the other kids to feel left out, do we?

I know, I know: mom always liked you best: you don't
have to use the list!

Oh... one more thing in the final version: an installer for PC users so you won't have to fly half way around the world just to install it.

If you know someone who just can't figure out how it all works, Mom's Mail is perfect!

Mom's Mail will cost $14.95 when released (that includes one copy for you, and one copy for Mom) BUT if you buy during the beta period, which ends June 1, 2008, then you pay only $9.95!

Requirements: Mac OSX 10.3.9 or later, or Windows XP or later. An email account would be helpful ... and, of course, mom.