FREE! In celebration of the new El Gato HD recorder, I've decided to give away my "mini-controller."

Click here to download a nice, tiny, simple FREE partial replacement for the beautiful, useful and more complete, but bulky, default EyeTV controller.

Why would you want to do this? Because you can clear up a lot of desktop space.

Includes Pause/Play, Mute, Channel up/down and direct; record and Program Guide buttons, not to mention the FANTASTICALLY handy Favorites popup menu for instant access to your favorite stations; on-screen menu toggle and skip forward and backward (which requires EyeTV 3.0 or later)... well... it'll cost you a whopping NOTHING!

OH! For you QuicKeys users, click here to download a macro that will toggle both iTVremote and EyeTV on and off.

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